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Wheel & Tire Alignment

Wheels are one of the most important parts of any vehicle and we make sure that they are in the perfect shape to ensure your safety.

Brake Repair & Service

Brake is one part which requires constant servicing and proper brakes give you proper control over the vehicle

Oil Change & Lube Service

We also make sure that your vehicle is totally lubed up to ensure that your vehicle runs smooth.

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I started seeing that my car tires where not corporating with me and this is when it reached out to auta-24 to help me then realigned my car tires in no time and advice me on the best maintenance of the car.​

Eric A. Coulombe
“I am a mom to a new baby and want to travel with her but always want to make sure that the vehicle runs smoothly and Auta-24 is the one service that I can trust.”
Lori C. Wyatt

Our certified mechanics perform over 500 services.

We are not just ay other mechanic services we provide more.
  • Auxiliary Battery Replacement
  • Anti-Lock Fuses Or Relay Replacement
  • Speedometer Cable Repair
  • Car Door Lock Actuator Replacement
From simple to complex.

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Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

Vaccum For Hardwood Floor

Do you know what makes a legitimately good vacuum cleaner special? It is something that sucks up all the debris and dust without actually scratching or ruining the wood finishing on the flooring. It makes sure that the integrity of the floor remains the same and still cleans everything up nonetheless. The design includes rubber wheels and also some parts which are made of plastic, attachments which have soft bristles with some really good quality micro-fiber pads. In this article I was discuss the vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors. is one place you should visit for all kinds of great reviews and product recommendations.  Every entry on this list is designed to do its best when it comes to doing its job, while looking great as well. These options are available and the ones you get are uprights and even canisters to cordless models. If you want to know all about vacuum cleaners that will get the job done right find out more here.When you begin shopping you should consider what kind of model you exactly prefer. Here is the list for some of the best options available right now.

  1. The Shark Navigator NV352: This one is equipped with some great features like lift-away feature. This particular model is one that stands upright. Since it is upright, it is insanely easy to use and get to places which are not easily reachable. It is also easy to turn on and off. It is perfectly good to clean stairs and all kinds of furniture and also you can add attachments so that you can get more use out of it. It can also be used with a wide brush to remove some unwanted and easy to remove pet hair. It is equipped with a 25-foot power cord.
  2. The Shark Navigator Lift Away Nv356E option is one that has a lot of features to compensate for its weight. Both vacuums have the same kind of breakaway designs which the people most certainly love. It is also very easy for the customers to convert it into handheld cannisters which is such a convenient feature indeed. This one has the option to grant you the permission to turn off the brush rollers individually. This is a great option for using on hardwood because it removes all debris and dust very effectively without damaging the laminate on the floor. The two pads which are included are machine washable is a great website which you can use to gain some knowledge about hardwood floor vacuum cleaners. Therefore it is a great machine to own.
  3. The Kenmore Elite Pet Friendly Upright Vacuum. If you are someone who gets allergies very easily and you need to remove some unwanted hair from your pet, you should go for this option because it is great at removing pet hair and it is also great at vacuuming up and cleaning hardwood floors. This option comes with a telescoping wand and even three attachments to help you clean better.

9 Cool Car Accessories That You Need

A Warning Triangle. In case of an accident, you should do everything possible to avoid further collisions without putting yourself in harm’s way. The Highway Code recommends keeping a warning triangle in your car.

Organizer. This is not strictly one item but rather something to store other car accessories in. You should always keep a bottle of water and some spare washer fluid in here as well as other bits and pieces.

Jump Leads. Especially if you have an older car, jump leads are one of the essential car accessories you can carry.

Phone Charger. This makes them incredibly useful if you get stuck or lost somewhere, but they are useless with a flat battery.

Ice Scraper. Perhaps the most obvious of the winter car accessories is the ice scraper.

Travel Shovel Kit. Getting stuck in a snow drift is no fun especially if you are stuck somewhere remote. Having a shovel on hand can mean the difference between getting home and being stuck in your car all night.

Body detailing. For those who believe that the looks of a car are everything, a good body detailing work is essential. Highlight your car’s cool features by dressing it up with paints, stickers, and the works.

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Novelty horn. If there’s anything fun to change about your car, it is going to be the horn. There are different types and sounds of horns available from car parts dealer these days. The more unique your horn is, the better it is.

Sat-navigation system is also a must. It is completely useless if you don’t have this accessory because you will keep on looking at the map if you don’t know the direction.

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